Why is Covid-19 Testing Important?
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Why is Covid-19 Testing Important?

Covid-19 Testing Research includes screening a blood sample for minute molecules identified as antibodies that have ‘learned’ to react to a specific pathogen, such as a virus. Some researchers claim in the sense of the COVID-19 pandemic that the widespread use of Covid-19 tests in populations will help ease the restriction to delay the virus’s… Continue reading Why is Covid-19 Testing Important?

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Working Methodology Of The Sanger Sequencing

Sanger sequencing is also called the chain termination method. This is particularly an important method that helps in the proper determination of the DNA nucleotide sequence.  The method of Sanger sequencing was first developed in the year 1977 by the two-time Nobel Laureate Frederick Sanger and therefore, it is named so. How Does The Sanger… Continue reading Working Methodology Of The Sanger Sequencing